Thursday, July 6, 2017

                 The Hidden Wings Saga                                                 Cameo Renae

Hidden Wings
Imagine living your while life being normal, homework boys all of it. That is until you lose those whom you love the most. You get handed over to a aunt you have never heard of. Later you find out not only do humans exist but everything in the dark does too.... 

Broken Wings
Cameo Renae

                   As if she hasn't been through enough. She finds herself stuck in a world of angels and demons... Which to choose who is forever and 8whom can she bear to lose....

Tethered Wings 
Cameo Renae

As if our dear Emma hasn't endured enough, she finds herself stuck between heaven and hell. A son of darkness and a son of light. Will she be strong enough to fight or is there always something lingering in the distance???

Guilded Wings
Cameo Renae

After the battle she lost so much. She lost a man she loved who wasn't so evil. His circumstances didn't break him and Emma never loved him less!! 

If you would like to check out her work here's a link!!


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